Our Story

A long time dream of an idea, built into a business - Bondell makes high quality, clean makeup brushes a convenient and elevated experience. While dealing with stubborn skin issues and being a clean freak, Ellie came up with a unique solution to boost her skincare routine: changing out her makeup brushes. After time and time again of cleaning her brushes, she realized that they never returned to their original, luxurious quality that we pay for. Therefore not only sacrificing the brushes application, but never feeling free of old bacteria. We all know, but tend to look away from the fact that our makeup brushes are harvesting bacteria. Washing your makeup brushes, although a common practice, may not be completely eliminating all of the bacteria and gunk lurking within the bristles. While washing them can effectively remove the surface dirt, oil, and color residue from product, deeper layers of bacteria may still remain even after thorough cleaning. This is where the solution of letting Bondell replace your brush set comes into play. Bondell is a makeup brush subscription service built off of passion for skincare, hygiene and beauty convenience. Members receive the entire product line which includes a variety of fool-proof brushes that make your glam seamless. Don't let dirty brushes compromise the health and beauty of your skin.


Our Values

Who we are...

Bringing you ultimate convenience and quality, Bondell takes a never before seen approach to skincare. A brand built on passion for skincare and beauty hygiene.

  • a mission to provide high quality brushes routinely for better skin and beauty hygiene
  • made in the usa, vegan + cruelty free
  • female founded, community driven
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Our Future

Big things to come...

with your continued support, we plan to build bondell to be much greater than you can ever imagine… this is just the beginning.

  • with growth, we have future plans in place to take a more sustainable approach to bondell
  • community events and opportunity for brand involvement